VAT Relief Explained

Understanding VAT Relief on Mobility Aids

VAT relief is a helpful scheme by the government, aimed at making essential mobility aids more affordable for those in need. At our store, we offer this relief on selected recliner chairs that serve as vital mobility aids. We adhere to the guidelines set by HMRC, ensuring our customers can access this benefit rightfully and easily.

Eligibility for VAT Relief

This relief is specifically for individuals with chronic conditions or disabilities that necessitate the use of mobility aids. Our range of eligible recliners is thoughtfully chosen to provide not just comfort but essential support, aligning with the needs of our customers for whom these chairs are more than just furniture.

Our Approach to Offering VAT Relief

We strive to make the process of applying for VAT relief as seamless as possible. When you choose an eligible recliner, we guide you through a simple declaration at checkout to confirm your eligibility. This straightforward process is designed to help you access the benefits you deserve with ease.

Advantages of VAT Relief

VAT relief allows eligible customers to purchase essential mobility recliners at a more affordable price. This reduction in cost is significant, making necessary comfort and support more accessible, and helping to ease financial concerns associated with specialised mobility equipment.

Support and Guidance

We are here to assist you in understanding and navigating the VAT relief scheme. Our team is always available to answer any questions and help with the eligibility process, ensuring you can confidently and rightfully benefit from this scheme. Your comfort and mobility are our priority, and we aim to support you every step of the way, in line with HMRC's guidelines.